Analytics Workbooks

Evaluating U.S. Natural Disaster Risk: Probability, Resilience & Recovery Time 2017
What potential threats might your North American shared services center be facing? This report covers the history and recurrence probability of natural disasters as well as average period of economic recovery across the 50 states.
Published March 2017
2016 Pulse Check: RPA in Shared Services
Straight out of SSON's Robotic Process Automation in Shared Services Summit, get the results of the polling sessions conducted with our audience. This report covers various facets of RPA-implementation including cost, duration, benefits and challenges.
Published December 2016
Benchmarking Analysis of Shared Service Centres in the U.S. Public Sector 2016
Interested in finding out what the audience members of SSON's Shared Services & Process Improvement for Higher Education & Government 2016 said about their shared services centres? Find out in this benchmarking analysis which covers attrition rate, professional development of talent, average...
Published December 2016
Benchmarking Analysis of DACH Shared Service Centres 2016
This report contains an analysis of the audience polling results from Jahresforum Shared Services & Outsourcing Woche 2016. Focusing on shared services centres within the DACH region of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, discover how your centre compares in terms of e-voicing adoption rates, attritio
Published December 2016
Evaluating Risk in Asia Pacific Shared Services Hotspots 2016
What factors impact your decisions in choosing your new shared services centre's location? This interactive report provides a comparative analysis of natural hazards, social conflicts and economic risks across shared services hotspots within APAC.
Published December 2016
Audience Benchmarking Results from Shared Services & Outsourcing Week Asia 2016
Fresh out of Shared Services & Outsourcing Week Asia 2016, here are the results from the audience polling session. Find out how your Asian shared services centre measures up in terms of attrition rate, invoice cycle time and robotic process automation integration.
Published December 2016
Global Shared Services Job Market 2017
How is the global shared services job market changing every month? This report provides real-time insights – view a heatmap of the world's most active job markets and discover the top companies that are hiring this week. Browse through a list of job ads around the world as well.
Published December 2016
MENA Shared Services Landscape 2016 (Captive/Hybrid Excluding BPOs)
This report provides an overview of shared services within the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, diving into data on the distribution, functions and attrition rates of centres located there. This report also features the polling results from Shared Services & Outsourcing Week Middle East 2
Published November 2016