Analytics Workbooks

European Shared Services Job Market 2017
This report provides real-time insights into the European shared services job market. View a heatmap of the continent's most active job markets and discover the top companies that are hiring this month.
Published October 2016
Benchmarking and Talent Analysis of ASEAN Shared Services Centres 2016
Get the complete picture of the ASEAN shared services landscape, including the location of centres across the region, functions serviced, growth of SSCs, and key benchmarking metrics such as AP invoice cycle time, AP invoice processing accuracy, and attrition rates.
Published October 2016
DACH Shared Services Centres Landscape 2016 (Captive/Hybrid excluding BPO)
The DACH region of Germany, Austria and Switzerland hosts the headquarters of many shared services centres yet there exists a prevalent trend of near-shoring to neighbouring CEE countries. Take a look at this visual report to view breakdowns of DACH SSCs across different parameters.
Published August 2016
Evolution of Captive SSCs & BPOs in the Iberian Region 2016
The Iberian region of Spain and Portugual has a long history as an attractive nearshore shared services location for European and African companies. Through this report, understand the functions and industries that are being serviced across the region, including city drilldowns and SSC growth.
Published July 2016
Benchmarking Analysis of Chinese Shared Service Centres 2016
Our second report on Chinese shared services centres presents a more in-depth view of these centres' internal organisation and processes set against the global industry. Find out more about processing time cycles, cost-per-invoice rates and the markets SSCs in China service
Published July 2016
Evolution of Latin America Shared Services Centers (Captive/Hybrid excluding BPO) 2016
The Latin America region has been an increasingly attractive location from which to operate shared services centres due to tax incentives, educated labour and its similar timezones and proximity to North America. Trace the region's growth with this visual report.
Published June 2016
Robotic Process Automation in Shared Services: Hype vs. Reality
It’s no secret that robotic process automation (RPA) has had a transformative impact on back office processes. But what is the reality of this impact beyond the hype? This visual analytics workbook compares shared services centres that have implemented RPA against centres that have not begun to
Published June 2016
Evolution of Canadian Shared Service Centers (2000-2015)
Explore the shared services landscape in Canada in this visual report! Get to know the functions and industries that are being serviced across each province, including city drilldowns, and understand the patterns in cross-industry Shared Service Center growth over the past 15 years or so.
Published May 2016