Analytics Workbooks

Shared Services in China on the cusp of achieving digitally-enabled Shared Services, but challenges remain
This report will cover digitalization in China's Shared Services Centers (SSCs) from two lens - common difficulties in IA/RPA projects and data readiness for automation. It will also compare key performance metrics between China and the U.S.
Published May 2019
Evaluating Egypt as a Shared Services Destination in 2019: The data facts
This visual analytics report leverages data from SSON Analytics' City Cube to provide a fully comprehensive, dynamic and up-to-date overview of all location considerations applicable to Egypt as a Shared Services location.
Published May 2019
Malaysian SSCs poised to offer better customer experience and capture higher value with Intelligent Automation (IA)
This report will look through results from live audience polling sessions conducted with nearly 70 shared services professionals at the 7th Malaysian Shared Services & Outsourcing Week, held in Kuala Lumpur from 22nd - 24th April 2019.
Published May 2019
Doing more and doing better with service offerings, analytics and digitalization: Up next for U.S. SSCs
This interactive report covers the latest trends in the U.S. Shared Services landscape, such as service expansion, skills in demand and GBS aspirations. It will also assess automation-readiness in U.S. Shared Services Centers (SSCs) and highlight the importance of digitalization within the GBS. F...
Published May 2019
3 key initiatives to elevate your European Shared Service Centre (SSC): Fostering innovative thinking, leveraging smart technology & striving towards best-in-class metrics
This interactive report examines the current 2019 European Shared Services landscape and dives deeper into understanding the talent pool, key challenges and how to foster an innovative mindset to meet the demands of the evolving role and value-add of Shared Services. Next, it looks in...
Published May 2019
Processes and people – key drivers to take U.S. Shared Services to the next level
 This report will focus on the importance of processes and talent in Shared Services by giving an insight into process mining and human capital analytics. It will also share key metrics on talent and attrition in U.S. Shared Services Centers (SSC).
Published April 2019
GBS aspirations, navigating talent and tax woes at the top of the agenda for Shared Services Centers in the Philippines
This report will highlight themes in the Philippines Shared Services landscape such as an interest in Global Business Services (GBS), talent management and cost constraints arising from the latest tax reforms. It will list certain factors that firms should look out for when implementing a GBS and...
Published March 2019
Raising the bar with automation and talent: The next step for U.S. Finance & Accounting Shared Services Centers
This report looks at how automation and talent can drive further efficiency within Finance & Accounting Shared Services Centers (SSCs). It will go through use cases of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in Finance & Accounting (F&A), list F&A processes that can be targeted for autom...
Published March 2019