Analytics Workbooks

Processes and people – key drivers to take U.S. Shared Services to the next level
 This report will focus on the importance of processes and talent in Shared Services by giving an insight into process mining and human capital analytics. It will also share key metrics on talent and attrition in U.S. Shared Services Centers (SSC).
Published April 2019
GBS aspirations, navigating talent and tax woes at the top of the agenda for Shared Services Centers in the Philippines
This report will highlight themes in the Philippines Shared Services landscape such as an interest in Global Business Services (GBS), talent management and cost constraints arising from the latest tax reforms. It will list certain factors that firms should look out for when implementing a GBS and...
Published March 2019
Raising the bar with automation and talent: The next step for U.S. Finance & Accounting Shared Services Centers
This report looks at how automation and talent can drive further efficiency within Finance & Accounting Shared Services Centers (SSCs). It will go through use cases of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in Finance & Accounting (F&A), list F&A processes that can be targeted for autom...
Published March 2019
Getting from good to great: The next frontier in Intelligent Automation
Scaling Intelligent Automation (IA) initiatives can be an exciting time for businesses but it will also present various challenges. What should businesses look out for when taking their IA initiatives to greater heights? How can they do it well? What lies ahead in the journey towards e...
Published March 2019
Next Generation HR Shared Services: What does the best practice HR Service Delivery Model look like?
In this day and age, the Shared Services landscape is constantly evolving due to technological disruptions, merger & acquisitions, increasing expectations to provide more value to their customers. This interactive report focuses on how HR can be a transformed to be a key partner to the busine...
Published February 2019
Harnessing talent and data to power the future of Shared Service Centres (SSCs) in China
This report aims to provide a snapshot on existing skills deficits in Chinese Shared Service Centres (SSCs) and offer tips on how SSCs can bridge these skills gaps. Finally, it will illustrate the broad applicability of data analytics across the enterprise and trace a roadmap on how SSCs can enha...
Published February 2019
The Evolution of ANZ Shared Services across the maturity curve: Trends in operating model, outsourcing, service offerings, IA & talent management
This interactive report showcases the different strategies, goals and challenges faced by Shared Services of various maturity level in ANZ. Key themes include scope expansion, the changing outsourcing landscape,...
Published January 2019
The Transformative Potential of Shared Services in Higher Education: What's Behind the Promise and How to Nail the Transition
This report showcases how Shared Services can engender transformational change in operational efficiency within U.S. Higher Education Institutions. It will outline observed changes pre and post-implementation and give a quick insight into a number of key indicators in U.S. Higher Education SSC
Published January 2019