Analytics Workbooks

Next Generation HR Shared Services: What does the best practice HR Service Delivery Model look like?
In this day and age, the Shared Services landscape is constantly evolving due to technological disruptions, merger & acquisitions, increasing expectations to provide more value to their customers. This interactive report focuses on how HR can be a transformed to be a key partner to the busine...
Published February 2019
Harnessing talent and data to power the future of Shared Service Centres (SSCs) in China
This report aims to provide a snapshot on existing skills deficits in Chinese Shared Service Centres (SSCs) and offer tips on how SSCs can bridge these skills gaps. Finally, it will illustrate the broad applicability of data analytics across the enterprise and trace a roadmap on how SSCs can enha...
Published February 2019
The Evolution of ANZ Shared Services across the maturity curve: Trends in operating model, outsourcing, service offerings, IA & talent management
This interactive report showcases the different strategies, goals and challenges faced by Shared Services of various maturity level in ANZ. Key themes include scope expansion, the changing outsourcing landscape,...
Published January 2019
The Transformative Potential of Shared Services in Higher Education: What's Behind the Promise and How to Nail the Transition
This report showcases how Shared Services can engender transformational change in operational efficiency within U.S. Higher Education Institutions. It will outline observed changes pre and post-implementation and give a quick insight into a number of key indicators in U.S. Higher Education SSC
Published January 2019
Shared Services in Europe 2019: Scope expansion with fewer centres, outsourcing still relevant, searching for innovative talent, and assessing readiness for new IA tools?
This interactive report explores the latest trends on sourcing model, intelligent automation (IA), digital workforce and talent management across Europe's Shared Services landscape.
Published January 2019
Malaysia's Shared Services 2019: Talent is increasingly competitive but IA's impact still hampered by incomplete ecosystem
This interactive report provides the latest trends on intelligent automation (IA), talent management and knowledge services across Malaysia's Shared Services industry.
Published December 2018
China Shared Services Analysis Shows Large Segment of Mature Centers Underestimating Capabilities
This interactive report analyses the results from onsite polling conducted with more than 150 shared services professionals during the 7th Annual Shared Services & Outsourcing Week China, held on 23-24 Oct 2018 in Shanghai.
Published December 2018
Intelligent Automation in the Middle East 2019
This interactive report delves into the potential and current Intelligent Automation (IA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) landscape in the Middle East region. Read through this report to find out more about the potential impact of AI, the current IA landscape, as well as the technologies MENA se...
Published November 2018