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Explore the Shared Services and Outsourcing landscape across the Asia Pacific region with these interactive Visual Analytics Workbooks. Filter by industry, function, process, city and state to find the answers to your APAC SS&O location questions. 

Assessing Tax and Tax Incentives across Asia

Covering 19 Asian countries from Bangladesh to Vietnam, this interactive report assesses different taxation factors such as tax rates, tax incentives and complexity of filing taxes in these countries. Explore the tax systems by country and also see how the different countries compare.

Evaluating Risk in Asia Pacific Shared Services Hotspots

What factors impact your decisions in choosing your new shared services centre's location? This interactive report provides a comparative analysis of natural hazards, social conflicts and economic risks across shared services hotspots within APAC.

Audience Benchmarking Results from Shared Services & Outsourcing Week Asia 2016

Fresh out of Shared Services & Outsourcing Week Asia 2016, here are the results from the audience polling session. Find out how your Asian shared services centre measures up in terms of attrition rate, invoice cycle time and robotic process automation integration.

APAC Shared Services Job Market 2017 (Updated Monthly)

This report provides real-time insights into the APAC shared services job market. View a heatmap of the region's most active job markets and discover the top companies that are hiring this month.


我们第二份针对中国共享服务中心的报告呈现了更深入的业内与过程的全球行业对标分析。您将能了解更多有关处理时间周, 应付账款发票率, 以及中国共享服务中心所服务的市场的详情。 This is a Mandarin Chinese translation of our report "Benchmarking Analysis of Chinese Shared Services".

Benchmarking and Talent Analysis of ASEAN Shared Services Centres

Get the complete picture of the ASEAN shared services landscape, including the location of centres across the region, functions serviced, growth of SSCs, and key benchmarking metrics such as AP invoice cycle time, AP invoice processing accuracy, and attrition rates.

Benchmarking Analysis of Chinese Shared Service Centres

Our second report on Chinese shared services centres presents a more in-depth view of these centres' internal organisation and processes set against the global industry. Find out more about processing time cycles, cost-per-invoice rates and the markets SSCs in China service.

Philippines Market Deep Dive: Captive SSCs and BPOs (2000 – 2015)

Explore the shared services and BPO landscape in the Philippines in this visual analytics workbook. Play with the data to understand the functions, industries, graduate talent availability, geographies and languages serviced, including province and city drilldowns.

Evolution of Australia & NZ Shared Service Centres (2000-2015)

Although it will come as no surprise that Sydney and Melbourne are ANZ’s top shared services locations (containing 53% of total SSCs in the region), did you know that Brisbane is the new hub for the upcoming function of Data Analytics?

Malaysian Market Deep-Dive: Captive & Outsourced Delivery Centres (2000 - 2015)

Explore the growth trends in the Malaysian service delivery market over the past 15 years to understand the current landscape. This deep dive analysis includes function breakdown, customer geographies, salary variations by state and industry, and transactional vs. high value processes.

Enter the Dragon: The Rise of Chinese Shared Services Centres

From 2013-2015 SSON’s membership in China doubled. Geo-analysis of the China SSC landscape over the last decade suggests this rapid growth is no coincidence. Play with the data to understand the factors that are fueling this growth.

Growth of Shared Services Centres in the ASEAN region

There has been a huge surge of Shared Services Centres (SSCs) operating within the ASEAN region, with a 67% increase in the past 5 years alone. But what’s the story behind this increase? Explore the factors influencing this shifting landscape.