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Why Shared Services Organisations should benchmark with the entire market (and not JUST the most successful companies)

Posted by Emma Beaumont on October 23, 2017

Comparing yourself with only successful firms can be remarkably misleading. SSON Analytics new benchmarking tool, the Metric Intelligence Hub, steps away from the trap of data selection bias by using country- and industry-wide whole population data sets.

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The top 20 most admired shared services organisations worldwide in 2017

Posted by Kate Chan on December 16, 2016

SSON Analytics is launching a benchmarking study with 20 of the world's most established and innovative shared services organisations – find out who they are in this post.

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5 Trends Defining Shared Services in China

Posted by Barbara Hodge 2 on October 12, 2016

The growth of the shared services market in China is a relatively recent yet promising progression, with SSON receiving more than double the enquiries on shared services over the past 3 years. Our benchmarking report provides a more detailed overview.

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Benchmark your shared services salary

Posted by Kate Chan on September 9, 2016

How does your shared services salary compare to other professionals in similar positions? Find out with the SSON Salary Index.

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