Global Shared Services Trends: 2016

The best way to know what's buzzing in the industry is to hear it straight from the people. Here's some insights gleaned from SSON's global survey about the state of the shared services and outsourcing industry.

Last year SSON's members were asked how and to what extent they were leveraging the 5 mega trends identified in our 2015 Shared Services survey. Nearly 500 people responded and SSON Analytics created an interactive workbook to share the results with you.

Here's what stood out: Nearly 3/4 of respondents agree that their "current Shared services strategy will deliver a dramatic and recognized value to the organization beyond cost savings". What this tells us is that practitioners understand that shared services has evolved from the cost arbitrage and centralization that yielded returns in the traditional model. The question is: where is this recognition making itself felt?

This workbook offers valuable insights into the shifts that are affecting shared services delivery today. Its interactive features mean that you can zoom in on a region, a function, or a particular driver – even sorting responses by yesses and nos. 

This is Shared Services data like you've never seen before.  

Global Report 2016: State of the Shared Services & Outsourcing Industry

Some of the findings in this workbook:

- 79% of respondents believe their current Shared Service strategy WILL deliver dramatic and recognized value beyond cost savings

- Process excellence is the trend most likely to impact added value in the next 2 years. Robotics Process Automation was ranked least

- 44% of SSOs globally intend to grow/maintain use of data analytics to improve performance

- 68% of SSC practitioners say they are replacing or considering replacing FTEs with Technology

See the full workbook here.


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