Why is Vodafone posting so many shared services and outsourcing jobs in APAC? | SSON Analytics

What's happening in the APAC shared services job market? We take a look at some trends occurring in the month of November.

If you want to know where the SSO jobs are, in Asia-Pacific, our real time job-scraping tool tells us they are in China and India. But while historically India has shown about double the number of Shared Services jobs of China, the past 3 weeks has seen both countries roughly at par, at around 1000 ads – with China even in the lead (those are whopping numbers when we compare, say, to Malaysia’s 459 job ads last week).

Something is cooking – and it’s not all to do with the US planning to pull out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

What else can we find out? Vodafone is the top recruiter of SSO jobs across APAC this week, advertising nearly 500 SSO-related jobs. We can't tell you why but we can tell you who, how many, and where.

View our heatmap of the APAC region's most active job markets and discover the top companies that are hiring this week.

Find out about APAC's talent hotspots through real-time job ads data here.


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