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Explore the Shared Services and Outsourcing landscape with these interactive Visual Analytics Workbooks. Use the filters to display the data of most interest to you and find answers to your SS&O questions.

Deep-dive into the Global HR Shared Services Landscape

This report presents the latest trends across HR shared services organisations according to the results of a survey of 348 HR shared services professionals across the globe, blended with data from the City Cube and Metric Benchmarker. Published September 2017

Intelligent Automation Universe – H1 2017 Vendor Update

The Intelligent Automation Universe (IAU) contains real-time data gathered from IA customers & vendors globally. This report provides a sample of multiple software vendors' product capabilities and customer footprints. Published June 2017

Benchmarking on 4 Key Metrics: Finance/HR Attrition, Days to Close & Cost per Invoice

This interactive report analyzes 188 responses contributed by the SSON community into the Metric Benchmarker across 4 key metrics: Finance Attrition Rate, HR Attrition Rate, Days to Close and Cost per Invoice. Published June 2017

Evolution of Global Business Services to 2017: The Story so Far

SSON Analytics has identified 184 shared services organisations (SSOs) that have embarked on their Global Business Services (GBS) journey. Play with the data in this interactive report to find out where they are, what functions they service, their maturity, growth trends, attrition rate, GPO model, and more. Published May 2017

Global Footprint of Finance & Accounting Shared Service Centres (Captive/Hybrid excluding BPOs)

This interactive report presents a global overview of 3529 Finance & Accounting (F&A) shared services centres identified worldwide and zooms in on country-level breakdowns, growth over the past 7 years across different regions and an in-depth look at the processes that sit within these centres.

Intelligent Automation Universe – Q1 2017 Market Update

What are the most popular implementations of Intelligent Automation within shared services organisations and global business support services? This interactive report presents key data insights from our data tool, the Intelligent Automation Universe.

HR Shared Services Center Global Footprint (Captive/Hybrid Excluding BPOs)

Explore a global overview of 2535 captive and hybrid HR shared services centres with our interactive data report. Gain an understanding of the most popular HR processes and technologies being utiilised.

Top 20 Most Admired Shared Services Organisations 2017 – Shared Service Center Level Analysis

This benchmarking report highlights the shared service center level results from Top 20 Most Admired Shared Services Organizations Study conducted in December 2016 and covers various metrics in Purchase to Pay, Record to Report, Order to Cash and Attrition. See how your SSO stands up to the Top 20 SSOs with the Metric Benchmarker.

Top 20 Most Admired Shared Services Organisations 2017 – Strategic Level Analysis

This interactive benchmarking report highlights the results from SSON Analytics' Top 20 Most Admired Shared Services Organizations Benchmarking Study that was conducted in December 2016. Covered in this report are the centre make-up, GBS progression, knowledge-based work progression and more. See how your SSO stands up to the Top 20 SSOs with the Metric Benchmarker.

SSON's Annual State of the Shared Services & Outsourcing Industry Survey Results 2017

Hear from over 400 respondents from all parts of the world – this year's survey continued to delve into the most popular models/processes and robotic process implementation within shared services.

2016 Pulse Check: RPA in Shared Services

Straight out of SSON's Robotic Process Automation in Shared Services Summit, get the results of the polling sessions conducted with our audience. This report covers various facets of RPA-implementation including cost, duration, benefits and challenges.

Global Shared Services Job Market 2017

How is the global shared services job market changing every month? This report provides real-time insights – view a heatmap of the world's most active job markets and discover the top companies that are hiring this week. Browse through a list of job ads around the world as well.

Robotic Process Automation in Shared Services: Hype vs. Reality

It’s no secret that robotic process automation (RPA) has had a transformative impact on back office processes. But what is the reality of this impact beyond the hype? This visual analytics workbook compares shared services centres that have implemented RPA against centres that have not begun the process in a bid to separate misperceptions from reality.

Global Report 2016: State of the Shared Services & Outsourcing Industry

The 2016 State of the Shared Services & Outsourcing Industry Survey by SSON Analytics and SSON is dedicated to the theme of radical drivers delivering value beyond cost savings. This visual report is based on responses from almost 500 Shared Services professionals world-wide.