Are your staff constantly pushing for increases? How does your team's cost stack up regionally?

Here is a problem you will be all too familiar with: trying to control wage inflation in what is, ostensibly, a low-cost location, while still remaining competitive enough to retain talent (and, of course, working within the confines of your budget). 

With our global reach (SSON’s editorial team and conference producers are well-connected worldwide] we are only too aware of these struggles to maintain a competitive cost base across various offshore or even nearshore locations. Not to mention the challenge of maintaining teams onshore, especially as the tendency is now to upskill many of these onshore jobs. Shared Services leaders faced with upward wage pressure often don't know where to look for a relevant and reliable benchmark to either counter such requests, or convince senior management of their necessity. The challenge is often to get unbiased data across countries and regions. Generally, such data is readily available through regional development associations, however comparisons are not always “apple to apple”. 

SSON Analytics, through its global market intelligence, does have this data, however, and has packaged it into the City Cube. Faced with the kind of wage pressure referenced above, it's easy enough to compare up to seven cities [out of thousands], specifically by functional expertise, level of responsibility, and level of seniority. Thus, for example, if your Kuala Lumpur team’s wage costs are pushing upwards, easy to check whether a) you are moving out of line with the local average; and b) whether your better choice might be to reallocate work to another city center.

Cebu in the Philippines, for example, although it has lower "talent" availability, across various financial accreditations, than Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, offers two accounts payable supervisors with regional responsibility for less than the cost of one in KL. 

City Cube acts as a daily go to resource to check and double check a myriad of internal metrics. SSON Analyticsdeveloped the tool specifically to aid process experts operating in an increasingly global marketplace by amalgamating a broad range of decision driving metrics, which can be referenced at the push of a button. Try it yourself now.


Note: The City Cube is part of SSON Analytics’ packaged data repositories that support practitioners’ daily decision making via a trusted global data resource. Along with the Metrics Intelligence Huband the IA Universe, it is one of the top three most popular tools regularly accessed on our Analytics website.

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