Create Your Own Personalised Shared Services Benchmark Report

Are you interested in creating personalised benchmarking reports and charts to be used in your next presentation or meeting? Is your SSC performance on par with the top quartile, at the median or lagging behind with the bottom quartile?

Introducing SSON Analytics’ latest benchmarking tool, My SSC Report Wizard allows you to create customised and downloadable benchmarking reports comparing your SSC performance against 2 different data sets

  • Your Peer Group (i.e. industry and location specific benchmarks)
  • Top Performers (i.e. SSON’s Most Admired SSOs)

How to use ‘My SSC Report Wizard’ in 5 simple steps:

  1. Select your industry & SSC location (country or region)
  2. Select the metrics that you are keen in benchmarking.
    (116 metrics available across F&A, HR, Payroll, Procurement, RPA and more)
  3. For each selected metric, choose your SSC input from the options available in the dropdown.
  4. Generate your reports! Toggle between “Peer Group” or “Most Admired SSOs” to view the different reports you’ve created
  5. Select and download reports into a PDF
    (example of the PDF report in the image above)

SSON Analytics created this simple yet powerful tool to help Shared Services leaders not only benchmark effectively, but also provide the opportunity and the platform for the SSON community to contribute to SSON’s industry benchmarks.

My SSC Report Wizard is available as part of a premium subscription to SSON Analytics. For more information, please reach out to


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