Global Shared Services Job Market Trends: Who is Hiring and Where?

How active recruitment for a particular industry is usually signifies its success and growth within a particular region. To help you identify where shared services professionals are most in demand and to highlight shared services hotspots and fast-growing markets, our latest report focuses on the global shared services job market, tracking hiring trends with job ads data that is updated on a monthly basis.

Looking over December 2016’s data on the global shared services job market, the U.S. has the most active job market (using the number of monthly job ad postings as a measurement). It had 4402 job postings for the month of December, well above runner-up India’s 1250 job postings.

While other well-established shared services locations such as the United Kingdom and the Philippines are within the top 5, newly-established market China comes in at number 3. The top city recruiting in December was also a Chinese city – Shanghai had 448 job postings while Beijing came in at 4th place with 297 postings.

Deloitte and Vodafone top the list of companies recruiting for shared services roles in December, with each looking to fill over a whopping 600 positions worldwide, very much above the other companies in the top 10. Ernst & Young came in 3rd place, but had only 82 job postings in comparison.

Looking back at the previous months, we can see that Poland frequently competes with the Philippines for a spot in the top 5. November also shows a noticeable spike in the number of job ads across all the top 5 countries except for India – does this signify that a lot of shared services organisations have recruitment drives just before the end of year?

Want to find out how the global shared services market changes month to month and where the most active job markets are located in? Complete your profile at SSON Salary Index to receive the ‘Global Shared Services Job Market 2016’ report for a complete overview of the market, with data updated monthly.


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