Is FOW Just BPR, Again?

As we start the new year, work from home – or WFH – is firmly entrenched as part of the new service delivery model.

For the strategists amongst us, however, this remote work aspect of shared services or GBS must be seen within the context of a broader “Future of Work” initiative. And that initiative, while incorporating “where” work is done, also includes “how” work is done.

According to SSON Analytics data, the “how” trumps the “where” everywhere in the world except for the Americas, which appears fixated on where staff are located. However, we would wager that the real value will be delivered in reconsidering the very nature of the activities undertaken.

Business Process Re-engineering or Future of Work?

Future of Work (FOW) includes a commitment to optimize – or maximize – automation where possible, which is particularly prevalent in the APAC region; but it also questions whether the current nature of work should be rethought, redesigned, or even reengineered. And that term brings us back to the early 90s, when BPR (Business Process Re-engineering) was all the rage.

It’s interesting that initiatives aren’t so much invented as much as they are reinvented.

One opportunity that SSON’s data still shows as very much in its early stages, but which we assume will grow in strength, is the idea of “location-less” delivery.

Future of Work According to the data, APAC countries have been faster to recognize this as a reflection of where FOW will take us – 43%, compared to just under a third in Europe and the Americas.

Learn more about this, as well as detailed metrics on the impact of COVID-19 on productivity levels (individual, managerial, and collaborative benchmarks) in SSON Analytics’ interactive workbook: Shared Services and GBS in the Americas, 2021: Future of Work & Benchmarks as Guides to Progress

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