Top 3 Trends in European Shared Services in 2019: How are scope, outsourcing and automation strategies adapting – and why?

How are European SSOs adapting to new opportunities in service delivery?


1.Expansion of geographic reach and scope of services offered

European shared services history goes back a long way. One out of four European respondents to SSON’s annual survey represents an SSO that is more than 10 years old, and 43% are greater than seven years old. This demographic also shows the highest level of multifunctional services, as well as GBS adoption. This is also aligned with plans to shift towards fewer, larger centers and expanded aggressively, both in terms of geography and scope.


2. Outsourcing still relevant but shifting to knowledge work and automation

While slightly more than half of European shared services do not outsource, according to SSON’s annual survey, of those that do, the largest segment confirms its focus is moving from transactional/FTE based models towards knowledge services. In addition, outsourcing is seen as an important channel for tapping into automation skills that may not be available in house.


3. Nearly 4 out of 10 SSOs have implemented RPA/IA

Last year, implementation rates across European SSOs were still in the single digits, but 2018 saw a lot of growth. Most centers still have less than five bots in production, but implementations are scaling as the promise of RPA is borne out by significantly improved performance gains. Nevertheless, ineffective change management is limiting the effectiveness of automation and incomplete ecosystems are a significant hurdle to scaling up.


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