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European Global Business Services: Digitisation and Key Strategies to Drive Value in the 2020s
Posted by Syazana Lim on October 9, 2020

In the 2020s, the European Global Business Services landscape will continue to grow and mature. Its end-to-end view on both process and technology is the one of the best operating models for enterpris...

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Re-entry Strategies of European SSOs & GBS
Posted by Syazana Lim on July 27, 2020

SSON conducted an Office “Re-entry” Strategies pulse survey in May 2020. This interactive report analyses the data from European respondents to uncover trends and strategies specific for the region. D...

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Digitisation accelerates innovation and expansion in European Shared Services
Posted by Esther Lam on December 18, 2019

Shared Services and Global Business Services (GBS) in Europe are set to double down on digitisation in 2020 to reach new heights in service delivery. This interactive report will showcase insights fro...

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European Shared Services 2019: Increased automation, data analytics & GBS to drive enhanced customer experience
Posted by Syazana Lim on July 4, 2019

More than 200 shared services professionals participated in the live polling conducted during the 19th European Shared Services & Outsourcing Week held on 13-16 May 2019 in Lisbon, Portugal. Flip thro...

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3 Trends Confirmed at SSON’s European Flagship Event
Posted by Barbara Hodge on May 21, 2019

Real-time feedback from leading European practitioners at SSON's flagship event

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3 key initiatives to elevate your European Shared Service Centre (SSC): Fostering innovative thinking, leveraging smart technology & striving towards best-in-class metrics
Posted by Syazana Lim on May 21, 2019

This interactive report examines the current 2019 European Shared Services landscape and dives deeper into understanding the talent pool, key challenges and how to foster an innovative mindset to meet...

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Top 3 Trends in European Shared Services in 2019: How are scope, outsourcing and automation strategies adapting – and why?
Posted by Barbara Hodge on April 1, 2019

The top European SSO trends this year. How are European SSOs adapting to new opportunities in service delivery?

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Shared Services in Europe 2019: Scope expansion with fewer centres, outsourcing still relevant, searching for innovative talent, and assessing readiness for new IA tools?
Posted by Syazana Lim on January 14, 2019

This interactive report explores the latest trends on sourcing model, intelligent automation (IA), digital workforce and talent management across Europe's Shared Services landscape.

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