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Shared Services and GBS in the Americas, 2021: Future of Work & Benchmarks as Guides to Progress
Posted by Syazana Lim on October 30, 2020

According to SSON’s "Re-entry" Strategies Survey 2020, 80% of respondents from the Americas region are implementing Future of Work (FOW) strategies. This interactive report looks at what these strateg...

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European Global Business Services: Digitisation and Key Strategies to Drive Value in the 2020s
Posted by Syazana Lim on October 9, 2020

In the 2020s, the European Global Business Services landscape will continue to grow and mature. Its end-to-end view on both process and technology is the one of the best operating models for enterpris...

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Global SSO & GBS Re-entry Strategies: Establishing New Rules in the Physical Office & the Future of Work
Posted by Syazana Lim on July 9, 2020

SSON conducted an Office “Re-entry” Strategies pulse survey in May 2020. Over 100 SSO/GBS leaders participated and shared more about their strategies, expectations and priorities. Dive into this repor...

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Looking forward to 2020: Digitalised GBS & automation driving the future of Asian Shared Services
Posted by Syazana Lim on December 9, 2019

Close to 100 Asian shared services professionals participated in the live polling onsite at the 22nd Asian Shared Services & Outsourcing Week held on 19-20 November 2019 in Singapore. Flip through thi...

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How Philippine Delivery Centers are Deploying Success Levers in the Year Ahead
Posted by Babs Test on July 8, 2019

Two levers define value-add for Philippine shared services in the coming years: Global Business Services and Talent.

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3 Trends Confirmed at SSON’s European Flagship Event
Posted by Babs Test on May 21, 2019

Real-time feedback from leading European practitioners at SSON's flagship event

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GBS aspirations, navigating talent and tax woes at the top of the agenda for Shared Services Centers in the Philippines
Posted by Syazana Lim on March 29, 2019

This report will highlight themes in the Philippines Shared Services landscape such as an interest in Global Business Services (GBS), talent management and cost constraints arising from the latest tax...

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Posted by Babs Test on February 19, 2019

Talent – i.e., your people – represent the single most critical differentiator for Shared Services success and performance

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