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North America Shared Services 2020 Benchmarking Report – Are you ahead of the curve?
Posted by Syazana Lim on November 15, 2019

This benchmarking report first examines the top benefits and emerging value-added services North American Shared Services provides to their enterprise. Next, it features the latest performance outcome...

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Shared Services in 2019: New Hires’ Skills Aligned to New Technologies & Outsourcing Given a Boost
Posted by Barbara Hodge on December 18, 2018

Automation is once again driving a revolution in the workplace. Those that are fastest to adapt will take the lead in performance – and success

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Shared Services in North America 2019: Workforce Strategies, GBS Objectives, Key Measures of Success
Posted by Alyssa Tan on November 20, 2018

This report reviews the Shared Services landscape in North America to provide insights on workforce strategies, skills being prioritised, popular tools & technologies for investments, objectives for G...

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Shared Services in North America 2018: Millennial Talent, Digital Disruption & Customer Experience
Posted by Syazana Lim on November 30, 2017

Blending Q4 2017 data from 100+ North American Shared Services Centres, this report dives into the key themes of the upcoming 22nd North American Shared Services & Outsourcing Week 2018. Flip through...

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