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Finance Shared Services of the Future: Promoting Digital Performance through IA, Data Analytics, and a New Talent Profile
Posted by Syazana Lim on February 28, 2020

SSON Analytics has analyzed more than 1,000 Finance Shared Services Centers (SSCs) across the United States. This report includes a heat-map visualizing where enterprises have chosen to base their Fin...

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Talent – a strategic imperative for leadership in 2020
Posted by Esther Lam on February 18, 2020

Leadership skills are more in demand than ever before. In 2019, more than a third of North American Shared Services respondents rated this as their top talent challenge. While talent management has ty...

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How Philippine Delivery Centers are Deploying Success Levers in the Year Ahead
Posted by Barbara Hodge on July 8, 2019

Two levers define value-add for Philippine shared services in the coming years: Global Business Services and Talent.

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Shared Services Magic Combination: Innovative Leadership + Healthy Ecosystem
Posted by Barbara Hodge on March 4, 2019

Lots of opportunity, but incomplete ecosystem and lack of data readiness is limiting Malaysian centers' impact.

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Shared Services in 2019: New Hires’ Skills Aligned to New Technologies & Outsourcing Given a Boost
Posted by Barbara Hodge on December 18, 2018

Automation is once again driving a revolution in the workplace. Those that are fastest to adapt will take the lead in performance – and success

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Agile-lite in HR
Posted by Syazana Lim on June 25, 2018

With the rapid technological advancements (Intelligent Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud, IoT, Augmented/Virtual Reality etc), there is no doubt that we are living in a world that i...

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Where Are Most Shared Services Jobs Being Advertised in Europe?
Posted by Kate Chan on December 14, 2016

An introduction to SSON Analytics' European Shared Services Job Market report. What are some findings?

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