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Benchmark in the Metric Intelligence Hub™

A revolutionary new benchmarking tool, the Metric Intelligence Hub™ allows you to immediately view country and industry-specific benchmarking datasets across 100 key Finance & Accounting, HR and IT metrics. Access proven, accurate benchmarking data today.

Metric Intelligence Hub

Compare 3800+ Locations For Shared Services

Planning your shared services location strategy? Compare 3800+ cities around the world across 17 key variables including number of existing SSCs, talent and languages availability, cost of labour, average salaries, cost of living, and more.

SSON Analytics City Cube - Compare shared services locations

Explore the Intelligent Automation Universe

A comprehensive knowledge database of intelligent automation projects in business services around the world, including RDA, RPA, Cognitive and Artificial Intelligence. Compare vendor capabilities, customer footprints and access real-life use cases.

SSON Analytics Intelligent Automation Universe - RPA in shared services

Transforming Shared Services Centres (SSCs) in the DACH region by leveraging GBS, digitalisation, automation & analytics

This interactive report examines 3 key themes in the DACH region: 1) Global Business Services, 2) Finance Transformation and 3) HR Transformation. Flip through to learn more on how SSCs in the DACH region can transform their operations through digitalisation and automation, as well as benchmark themselves with other SSCs in the region. Published July 2019.