Analytics Workbooks

Global SSO & GBS Re-entry Strategies: Establishing New Rules in the Physical Office & the Future of Work
SSON conducted an Office “Re-entry” Strategies pulse survey in May 2020. Over 100 SSO/GBS leaders participated and shared more about their strategies, expectations and priorities. Dive into this report to find the answers to these questions... 
Published July 2020
Navigating The New Normal: APAC Shared Services Building Resilience with Automation & The Future of Work
As COVID-19 restrictions are gradually being lifted for some APAC countries and economies start to reopen, this interactive report aims to help APAC leaders navigate the new normal.
Published June 2020
Impact of COVID-19 on Shared Services: Critical Survival Strategies Shared by Nearly 200 Global SSOs Across Different Regions
In mid-April, SSON surveyed nearly 200 Shared Service leaders on COVID-19’s impact on business operations*. This report will examine not only global Shared Services trends but also delve deeper into how the virus has impacted operations in different regions i.e. North America, Latin and Central Amer
Published May 2020
Beyond RPA: Are we ready for the Next Generation of Enterprise Automation?
This interactive report delves into the current Intelligent Automation landscape in 2020 and examines how ready enterprises are to embrace automation beyond RPA.
Published May 2020
Latin America Shared Services 2020: Growth of Intelligent Automation & Its Impact on Shared Services Performance | Servicios Compartidos Latinoamérica 2020: Crecimiento de la automatización inteligente y su impacto en el rendimiento de los servicios compartidos
SSON Analytics has identified and analyzed 601 Shared Services Centers (SSCs) across Latin America; a 21% increase in the number of SSCs 3 years ago. This report will also uncover the latest IA implementation strategies, emerging IA tools, and feature 3 key RPA metrics for you to benchmark...
Published April 2020
3 Drivers of Change in Philippines Shared Services & BPOs: Automation, Customer Excellence & Future Workforce
This analytics report examines the surge in Intelligent Automation adoption in Philippines Shared Services and its impact on developing the Future Workforce and advancing customer experience. Next it features key automation KPIs and an analysis on Philippines BPO providers. Published March 2020
Published March 2020
Finance Shared Services of the Future: Promoting Digital Performance through IA, Data Analytics, and a New Talent Profile
SSON Analytics has analyzed more than 1,000 Finance Shared Services Centers (SSCs) across the United States. This report includes a heat-map visualizing where enterprises have chosen to base their Finance SSCs and also uncovers the latest IA implementation strategies, most popular finance tools...
Published February 2020
Talent – a strategic imperative for leadership in 2020
Leadership skills are more in demand than ever before. In 2019, more than a third of North American Shared Services respondents rated this as their top talent challenge. While talent management has typically fallen under the purview of HR, it is becoming a strategic imperative that leaders (cont.)
Published February 2020