Analytics Workbooks

Evolution of UK & Ireland Shared Service Centres (2000-2015)
Did you know that 19% of UK & Ireland SSCs are located in Dublin, making it the region's most popular SSC location? And that while England has the most SSCs servicing traditional functions, Ireland and Scotland have more centres servicing emerging functions? View this report for more insights.
Published March 2016
Malaysian Market Deep-Dive: Captive & Outsourced Delivery Centres (2000 - 2015)
Explore the growth trends in the Malaysian service delivery market over the past 15 years to understand the current landscape. This deep dive analysis includes function breakdown, customer geographies, salary variations by state and industry, and transactional vs. high value processes. P...
Published February 2016
Evolution of U.S. Shared Service Centers (2000 - 2015)
Want to know what are the most popular US cities and states as Shared Services Centre locations? Or how graduate talent availability and starting salaries compare across states and affect SSC location selection? Find the answers in this interactive data workbook. Published December 2015
Published February 2016
The Evolution of Shared Services Centres in the Nordic Region 2016
The Shared Services landscape in the Nordic region is changing. While the number of centres is still increasing, there is also a growing trend of SSC migration away from the region by multinational companies. Investigate the factors that are influencing this shifting landscape.
Published January 2016
Enter the Dragon: The Rise of Chinese Shared Services Centres 2016
From 2013-2015 SSON’s membership in China doubled. Geo-analysis of the China SSC landscape over the last decade suggests this rapid growth is no coincidence. Play with the data to understand the factors that are fueling this growth. 
Published January 2016
A Decade of Global Process Ownership: The Story So Far
The growth of the GPO role over the past decade has been explosive, with the number of GPOs almost doubling in the past three years alone. Explore the locations, functions, processes and industries that are fueling this growth.
Published January 2016
Growth of Shared Services Centres in the ASEAN region 2016
There has been a huge surge of Shared Services Centres (SSCs) operating within the ASEAN region, with a 67% increase in the past 5 years alone. But what’s the story behind this increase? Explore the factors influencing this shifting landscape.
Published January 2016