Analytics Workbooks

Philippines Shared Services 2019: Moving up the value-chain by leveraging COEs, process mining, data analytics & benchmarking
Close to 100 shared services professionals participated in the live polling conducted during the 10th Philippines Shared Services & Outsourcing Week held on 13-16 August 2019 in Makati, Philippines. Flip through this interactive report to discover the latest Philippines Shared Services trends...
Published September 2019
Middle Eastern SSCs are striving to add more value by expanding service scope and leveraging automation, but change management remains a huge hurdle to surmount
 This year, Shared Services in the Middle East are expanding their service scope and progressing towards digitally-enabled Shared Services. This workbook will look at strategies for scope expansion and list stall points faced when implementing digital initiatives. It will a...
Published August 2019
Nordic Transformation 2019: Digital Leadership, Change Management & People crucial alongside Technology
European Business Services are at the forefront of change with enterprise transformation being the top objective for 2019. This report examines how the Nordic region is embracing the expanding array of technology available, and explore key areas to take into consideration for successful...
Published August 2019
Design thinking, agile and predictive analytics to take HR Shared Services beyond 2020
This report will look at the relevance of agile and design thinking in HR Shared Services and provide tips on change management when implementing these initiatives. It will also share some considerations to bear in mind when utilizing big data for recruitment purposes.
Published July 2019
Transforming Shared Services Centres (SSCs) in the DACH region by leveraging GBS, digitalisation, automation & analytics
This interactive report examines 3 key themes in the DACH region: 1) Global Business Services, 2) Finance Transformation and 3) HR Transformation. Flip through to learn more on how SSCs in the DACH region can transform their operations through digitalisation and automation, as well as benchmark t...
Published July 2019
Ascending the value chain - Asia-Pacific's SSCs and BPOs need to forge ahead with agility and technology
This visual analytics report will look at how Shared Services and Outsourcing professionals in the Asia-Pacific can capture higher value with agility and technology. It will feature insights from Shared Services professionals about how Asia can maintain its competitive edge and look at challenges...
Published July 2019
European Shared Services 2019: Increased automation, data analytics & GBS to drive enhanced customer experience
More than 200 shared services professionals participated in the live polling conducted during the 19th European Shared Services & Outsourcing Week held on 13-16 May 2019 in Lisbon, Portugal. Flip through this interactive report to discover the latest European Shared Services trends and strate...
Published July 2019
Evaluating Egypt as a Shared Services Destination in 2019: The data facts
This visual analytics report leverages data from SSON Analytics' City Cube to provide a fully comprehensive, dynamic and up-to-date overview of all location considerations applicable to Egypt as a Shared Services location.
Published May 2019