Analytics Workbooks

US Higher Education Shared Services Centers: Locations, Processes & Functions, Top Implementation Tips
It's been demonstrated that Shared Services benefits the private sector, and growing evidence indicate that Shared Services can also be effectively applied in the public sector. This report aims to answer some of the most popular questions such as how the Higher Education landscape looks in the US
Published September 2018
Digital Innovation & Business Transformation in the Nordic Region 2018
SSON Analytics has blended proprietary and public data on the Nordic region to explore the key themes of the upcoming Nordic Business Transformation 2018. Flip through the pages to find out more on business transformation and digital innovation in the Nordic Business Services landscape.
Published August 2018
Analysing Finance Shared Services Centres in ANZ 2018: Maturity, Automation, Strategies
This report deepdives into Finance Shared Services Centres (SSCs) in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) to examine key questions on landscape, automation journey (including Intelligent Automation, Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence) and SSO strategy for talent, innovation, digital..
Published August 2018
Germany vs Europe: Key Measures of Success, GBS Strategies, Digital Disruption
SSON Analytics has blended survey results with proprietary data to analyse how German Shared Services Organisations (SSOs) match up to other European SSOs on a number of key trending topics such as automation journey and GBS strategies.
Published August 2018
Shared Services in Asia 2018: Next-Generation Workforce, Digital Disruption, Higher-value Tasks, Customer Experience & Operational Metrics
This report dives into key themes in Asia's shared services landscape - Next Generation Workforce, Digital Disruption, Higher-value Tasks, Customer Experience and Operational Metrics.
Published August 2018
Shared Services China 2018: Talent Availability, CX Strategies, Metrics
SSON Analytics surveyed Shared Services professionals in China and blended the results with proprietary data to explore trending themes in the Chinese Shared Services landscape such as GBS objectives, key measures of CX strategy and function-specific talent availability.
Published July 2018
中国共享服务趋势2018: 人才供应,用户体验战略,性能指标
这份互动化分析报告提供了中国作为共享服务或业务流程外包交付地点的全方位动态资料,以帮助回答核心问题. 出版 2018 年 7 月
Published July 2018
Risk and Resilience Analysis of Shared Services Hotspots: Europe, Q1 2018
Every quarter, SSON Analytics dives into our location comparison tool, the City Cube, to provide the latest report on natural disaster risk probability and resilience of shared services locations within Europe.
Published July 2018