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How to succeed with Intelligent Automation: what our surveys tell us

Posted by Barbara Hodge 2 on July 19, 2018

What’s the evolution from simple desktop automation through to artificial intelligence?

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Accounts Payable: the case for automation and offshoring

Posted by Daylin Limonte on July 3, 2018

Australian businesses have embraced share services with gusto.

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Taking your First Baby Steps into Robotic Automation?

Posted by Syazana Lim on June 25, 2018

A few things to take note before embarking in your Intelligent Automation (IA) journey...

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5 Reasons RPA Should be on Your Agenda

Posted by Barbara Hodge 2 on March 20, 2016

Robotic process automation, or RPA, is the biggest buzzword in shared services today. But beyond the hype, what are the real reasons this should be on your agenda right now?

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