Customised Data Insights

Need more detailed insights? Can’t find the answer to your specific question using our
Analytics Workbooks or Data Tools? Ask us about our Customised Data Products.

SSON Analytics can provide customised data insights to help you:

  • Compare your shared services centre against others in the same industry or region
  • Generate your shared services and/or outsourcing business case
  • Evaluate options for the next step in your service delivery strategy
  • Understand the current shared services landscape in a particular city, country or region
  • Explore emerging locations/markets in greater depth
  • Review more specific drill down-locational data for a client or internal proposal
  • Enhance your BPO relationship with the data you need to move forward

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Case Study: How Schneider Electric used SSON Analytics' city comparison data for location selection of new Finance SSC

SSON Analytics’ provided a customised data report for Schneider Electric that enabled them to:

  • Assess the current size of the shared services market in 5 specified U.S. cities 
  • Compare the 5 specified cities across a range of metrics, including talent availability, average salaries and cost of living


We get that every shared services and/or outsourcing strategy is entirely different. There aren’t any cookie-cutter solutions or “one-size-fits all” business plans when designing your business’ service delivery model. That means the insights you need to find the right answers to your questions will be pretty unique too.

We understand that you’re likely to be looking for data that’s based upon the specific details around your organisation’s make-up and needs (size, industry vertical, existing market footprint, culture, customer geography, languages, talent requirements, etc). Or perhaps you need this level of insight on behalf of a client you’re helping develop a strategy for.

Whatever your reason, contact us now to find out how we can help.

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