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Evaluating Risk and Resilience of Shared Services Hotspots within the Pacific Ring of Fire

This report studies the natural disaster risk probability and resilience of shared services locations within the Pacific Ring of Fire. Published October 2017

Evaluating U.S. Natural Disaster Risk: Probability, Resilience & Recovery Time

What potential threats might your North American shared services center be facing? This report covers the history and recurrence probability of natural disasters as well as average period of economic recovery across the 50 states. 

Evaluating Risk in Asia Pacific Shared Services Hotspots

What factors impact your decisions in choosing your new shared services centre's location? This interactive report provides a comparative analysis of natural hazards, social conflicts and economic risks across shared services hotspots within APAC.

Natural Disaster Risk Analysis of U.S. Shared Services Hotspots

Shared services location strategy comes fraught with many natural disaster risks to consider. This interactive report provides a timely comparative analysis of natural risk factors (windstorms, floods and earthquakes) across U.S. shared services hotspots.