SSON's Annual State of Shared Services & Outsourcing Industry Survey Results 2018: Talent Focus
This 2nd report from our annual State of Shared Services and Outsourcing Industry survey (2018) explores key talent-related themes in Shared Services. Flip through the pages to find out the responses from more than 620 Shared Services professionals globally who responded to the survey.
Published February 2018
Salary in Shared Services Benchmarking Report: Central and Eastern Europe
This report analyses Finance, HR, Payroll, Supply Chain & Procurement, and Marketing salaries in the Shared Services industry across the capitals of 12 Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries: Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania...
Published December 2017
HR Shared Services in 2017: Key Data Insights on Talent, Salary and Benchmarks
This report presents the latest trends across HR shared services organisations according to the results of a survey of 348 HR shared services professionals across the globe, blended with data from the City Cube and Metric Benchmarker.
Published September 2017
Benchmarking Analysis of U.S. HR Shared Services in 2017
This report showcases the results from live audience polling that was conducted with shared services professionals during SSON's HR Shared Services and Outsourcing Summit held in Chicago, IL in May 2017.
Published June 2017
HR Shared Services Center Global Footprint (Captive/Hybrid Excluding BPOs)
Explore a global overview of 2535 captive and hybrid HR shared services centres with our interactive data report. Gain an understanding of the most popular HR processes and technologies being utiilised.
Published April 2017
Global Shared Services Job Market 2017
How is the global shared services job market changing every month? This report provides real-time insights – view a heatmap of the world's most active job markets and discover the top companies that are hiring this week. Browse through a list of job ads around the world as well.
Published December 2016
U.S. Shared Services Job Market 2017
This report provides real-time insights into the US shared services job market. View a heatmap of the region's most active job markets and discover the top companies that are hiring this month.
Published November 2016
U.S. Shared Services Landscape 2017: The War for Talent
This report provides a city-by-city analysis of the US shared services landscape, focusing on talent availability, salary trends and job market whilst utilising real-time data. In addition, get a breakdown of the top SSC cities.
Published November 2016