Insights: AMERICAS

Explore the SSO landscape of the Americas with interactive Visual Analytics Workbooks. Filter many facets to find the answers to your SS&O location questions.

Shared Services and GBS in the Americas, 2021: Future of Work & Benchmarks as Guides to Progress
According to SSON’s "Re-entry" Strategies Survey 2020, 80% of respondents from the Americas region are implementing Future of Work (FOW) strategies. This interactive report looks at what these strategies entail; and the impact on Shared Services / Global Business Services (GBS) models.
Published October 2020
Re-entry Strategies of Americas SSOs & GBS
SSON conducted an Office “Re-entry” Strategies pulse survey in May 2020. This interactive report analyzes the data from Americas respondents to uncover trends and strategies specific for the region. Dive into this report to find the answers to these questions:
Published July 2020
Latin America Shared Services 2020: Growth of Intelligent Automation & Its Impact on Shared Services Performance | Servicios Compartidos Latinoamérica 2020: Crecimiento de la automatización inteligente y su impacto en el rendimiento de los servicios compartidos
SSON Analytics has identified and analyzed 601 Shared Services Centers (SSCs) across Latin America; a 21% increase in the number of SSCs 3 years ago. This report will also uncover the latest IA implementation strategies, emerging IA tools, and feature 3 key RPA metrics for you to benchmark...
Published April 2020
Talent – a strategic imperative for leadership in 2020
Leadership skills are more in demand than ever before. In 2019, more than a third of North American Shared Services respondents rated this as their top talent challenge. While talent management has typically fallen under the purview of HR, it is becoming a strategic imperative that leaders (cont.)
Published February 2020
Intelligent Automation in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) – an overlooked opportunity to create value
Shared Services in Higher Education Institutes are facing increasing pressure to decrease spend and make services more efficient. This analytics workbook offers HEI SSCs a guide on areas where they can implement Intelligent Automation (IA) and how they can manage change for automation.
Published January 2020
North America Shared Services 2020 Benchmarking Report – Are you ahead of the curve?
This benchmarking report first examines the top benefits and emerging value-added services North American Shared Services provides to their enterprise. Next, it features the latest performance outcomes of North American SSCs to benchmark against: Top 20 Most Admired SSOs, HR metrics and RPA metrics.
Published November 2019
Doing more and doing better with service offerings, analytics and digitalization: Up next for U.S. SSCs
This interactive report covers the latest trends in the U.S. Shared Services landscape, such as service expansion, skills in demand and GBS aspirations. It will also assess automation-readiness in U.S. Shared Services Centers (SSCs) and highlight the importance of digitalization within the GBS. F...
Published May 2019
Processes and people – key drivers to take U.S. Shared Services to the next level
 This report will focus on the importance of processes and talent in Shared Services by giving an insight into process mining and human capital analytics. It will also share key metrics on talent and attrition in U.S. Shared Services Centers (SSC).
Published April 2019