Explore the Shared Services and Outsourcing landscape across the Asia Pacific region with these interactive Visual Analytics Workbooks. Filter by industry, function, process, city and state to find the answers to your APAC SS&O location questions. 

GBS aspirations, navigating talent and tax woes at the top of the agenda for Shared Services Centers in the Philippines
This report will highlight themes in the Philippines Shared Services landscape such as an interest in Global Business Services (GBS), talent management and cost constraints arising from the latest tax reforms. It will list certain factors that firms should look out for when implementing a GBS and...
Published March 2019
Harnessing talent and data to power the future of Shared Service Centres (SSCs) in China
This report aims to provide a snapshot on existing skills deficits in Chinese Shared Service Centres (SSCs) and offer tips on how SSCs can bridge these skills gaps. Finally, it will illustrate the broad applicability of data analytics across the enterprise and trace a roadmap on how SSCs can enha...
Published February 2019
The Evolution of ANZ Shared Services across the maturity curve: Trends in operating model, outsourcing, service offerings, IA & talent management
This interactive report showcases the different strategies, goals and challenges faced by Shared Services of various maturity level in ANZ. Key themes include scope expansion, the changing outsourcing landscape,...
Published January 2019
Malaysia's Shared Services 2019: Talent is increasingly competitive but IA's impact still hampered by incomplete ecosystem
This interactive report provides the latest trends on intelligent automation (IA), talent management and knowledge services across Malaysia's Shared Services industry.
Published December 2018
China Shared Services Analysis Shows Large Segment of Mature Centers Underestimating Capabilities
This interactive report analyses the results from onsite polling conducted with more than 150 shared services professionals during the 7th Annual Shared Services & Outsourcing Week China, held on 23-24 Oct 2018 in Shanghai.
Published December 2018
Shared Services in Asia 2018: Next-Generation Workforce, Digital Disruption, Higher-value Tasks, Customer Experience & Operational Metrics
This report dives into key themes in Asia's shared services landscape - Next Generation Workforce, Digital Disruption, Higher-value Tasks, Customer Experience and Operational Metrics.
Published August 2018
中国共享服务趋势2018: 人才供应,用户体验战略,性能指标
这份互动化分析报告提供了中国作为共享服务或业务流程外包交付地点的全方位动态资料,以帮助回答核心问题. 出版 2018 年 7 月
Published July 2018
Shared Services China 2018: Talent Availability, CX Strategies, Metrics
SSON Analytics surveyed Shared Services professionals in China and blended the results with proprietary data to explore trending themes in the Chinese Shared Services landscape such as GBS objectives, key measures of CX strategy and function-specific talent availability.
Published July 2018