Metric Benchmarker

The Metric Benchmarker allows you to benchmark your shared services centre (SSC) across 121 unique metrics against two different datasets:  

  1. The Metric Intelligence Hub™ houses country, regional and industry-specific benchmarking datasets generated in-house using a productivity efficient benchmark model (CICI-PEB) which is unique and proprietary to SSON Analytics. This aggregated global model was created using detailed technological and industry information from 122 countries and 22 industry verticals globally. Filter by location (country/region) and by industry to access accurate, proven benchmarking data across 103 Finance & Accounting, HR, Procurement, IT and RPA metrics.

  2. The Top 20 Most Admired SSOs aggregated data allows you to compare your SSC(s) against in-depth, aggregated benchmarking datasets from the Top 20 Most Admired SSOs of 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020 across Finance & Accounting and HR metrics.