State of Shared Services

The Future of GBS is Digital
Continuous cost pressure, increasing market volatility, technology-driven disruptions and globally connected value chains are forcing companies to further professionalize their support functions. However, from very early on, the pandemic accelerated these trends and triggered substantial changes.
Published March 2021
GBS as the Engine for Digital Transformation
Global Business Services can and should play a significant role in realizing enterprise transformation agendas. But how well are GBS navigating the disruption to their organizations’ industries and aligning with their organization’s strategic priorities?
Published March 2021
GBS and Shared Services State of the Industry Survey 2021
Shared services now find themselves at a new point of departure: operating models are shifting as Future of Work (FOW) implications hit home; automation is less a lever than a necessity; and talent opportunities are ballooning as location is no longer a limiting factor.
Published March 2021
Global SSO & GBS Re-entry Strategies: Establishing New Rules in the Physical Office & the Future of Work
SSON conducted an Office “Re-entry” Strategies pulse survey in May 2020. Over 100 SSO/GBS leaders participated and shared more about their strategies, expectations and priorities. Dive into this report to find the answers to these questions... 
Published July 2020
Impact of COVID-19 on Shared Services: Critical Survival Strategies Shared by Nearly 200 Global SSOs Across Different Regions
In mid-April, SSON surveyed nearly 200 Shared Service leaders on COVID-19’s impact on business operations*. This report will examine not only global Shared Services trends but also delve deeper into how the virus has impacted operations in different regions i.e. North America, Latin and Central Amer
Published May 2020
SSON's Annual State of Shared Services & Outsourcing Industry Survey Results 2018
This year's survey delves into the most popular organizational models, the transition from transactional to knowledge work, and how the Shared Services community is embracing Intelligent Automation in 2018. Responses from more than 620 Shared Services professionals from all parts of the world...
Published January 2018
BREXIT: What are the Potential Impacts on the EU Shared Services Landscape?
On 23 June 2016, the UK voted to leave the European Union. This interactive report maps out the 328 captive/hybrid shared service centres (SSCs) in the UK and assesses the potential impacts that Brexit could have on the UK shared services landscape.
Published July 2017
Evolution of Global Business Services to 2017: The Story so Far
SSON Analytics has identified 184 shared services organisations (SSOs) that have embarked on their Global Business Services (GBS) journey. Play with the data in this interactive report to find out where they are, what functions they service, their maturity, growth trends, attrition rate, GPO model
Published May 2017