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Advancing your Automation Strategy to the Next Level in the 2020s
This interactive report looks to uncover the latest IA trends shaping Shared Services / GBS in the 2020s.
Published October 2020
Beyond RPA: Are we ready for the Next Generation of Enterprise Automation?
This interactive report delves into the current Intelligent Automation landscape in 2020 and examines how ready enterprises are to embrace automation beyond RPA.
Published May 2020
ANZ Shared Services 2020: Overcoming barriers to IA with Change Management & Process Mining
In 2020, 60% of ANZ Shared Services are hoping to achieve productivity improvement targets of 8% or more. Improving end-to-end workflow, continuous improvement and adoption of intelligent automation (IA) have been cited as the top 3 initiatives to achieve this. This report examines IA adoption...
Published January 2020
Process Mining & Mapping as a Basis for Automating Performance
At its core, automation is all about the process. Process Mining represents the first step to successful automation and is increasingly seen as a key strategy in transitioning to a smart digital workforce model. Don't miss this Process Mining report sponsored by Minit.
Published October 2019
Intelligent Automation in modern Shared Services - a catalyst for opportunities, driving strategy and service excellence
Intelligent Automation’s (IA) impact in Shared Services is set to increase in the coming years, according to more than 700 professionals, who tell us how IA is value-adding to their offerings, impacting strategy and augmenting their workforce.
Published October 2019
Benchmark your current IA Operations & what’s next in 2020?
This interactive report examines the current RPA/IA landscape in 2019 and what to look forward to in 2020. Some of the key questions answered include a) How much are organizations spending on RPA? b) How much efficiency savings, cost savings and increased accuracy are gained from automation? c) W...
Published September 2019
Getting from good to great: The next frontier in Intelligent Automation
Scaling Intelligent Automation (IA) initiatives can be an exciting time for businesses but it will also present various challenges. What should businesses look out for when taking their IA initiatives to greater heights? How can they do it well? What lies ahead in the journey towards e...
Published March 2019
Intelligent Automation in the Middle East 2019
This interactive report delves into the potential and current Intelligent Automation (IA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) landscape in the Middle East region. Read through this report to find out more about the potential impact of AI, the current IA landscape, as well as the technologies MENA se...
Published November 2018