SSON Analytics Institute FAQs

Where does the data included in SSON Analytics' Visual Analytics Workbooks and Data Tools come from?

SSON Analytics is the global data analytics centre of the Shared Services & Outsourcing Network (SSON), the world's biggest community of shared services and outsourcing professionals. SSON has been organising events and publishing news and informational resources on the global shared services landscape for over 20 years. As such, SSON Analytics has access to a huge amount of proprietary data on the global shared services and outsourcing industry.

We blend a mix of proprietary and public data sources to build up a complete picture of the topics and locations our analytics products cover.

Our data comes from 7 main sources:

  • SSON Analytics' team of research analysts, who are speaking to the market on a daily basis
  • SSON's 150k-strong global membership base
  • SSON's global events database
  • SSON's event presentations 
  • SSON's member and event attendee profiles and feedback
  • SSON's huge library of resources, including interviews, surveys, reports, case studies, webinars, white papers and articles 
  • Publicly available external data sources

Important note: All of the data SSON Analytics makes available through its data products is always at an aggregated level - we never publish the names of individual organisations/companies or people.

How can I see all of SSON Analytics' data?

You can access all levels of our data by signing up a Premium or Corporate subscriber. You can also start a 5 day trial to gain full access to our data for a limited time. View all the packages here.

What's the difference between Premium and Corporate subscription?

Premium subscription is for single users only, so if you are the only person in your organisation who will be needing access to SSON Analytics, then this is the right package for you. 

Corporate subscription is available for orgnisations who need to give access to 4 or more users. This package allows you to assign one central Corporate Administrator from your organisation to manage the user licenses, giving you the flexibility to add or replace users as and when they may leave your company or no longer need access. The Corporate subscription package also saves you 10% off the Premium subscription prices (per user).

What are the payment options?

Premium or Corporate subscriptions are charged to a credit card on an annual basis. Where a credit card is not available, an invoice can be raised upon request and payment can be made via bank transfer, and will be subject to an additional USD $99 service charge. Payment must be received in full before Premiumm access is granted.

I'm a Premium/Corporate subscriber and I'm looking for some specific data/information which isn't included in the Visual Analytics Workbooks or Data Tools. Is there any other way you can help me?

We are constantly updating our library of Visual Analytics Workbooks and the data and filters available in the Data Tools, so it's worth checking back weekly to see what's new. We will also send you a weekly newsletter containing all of our latest content (the 'Chart of the Week' newsletter). However, if you are looking for a particular set of data that you can't find in these products, then we also offer a Customised Data Insights service to provide you with the answers to your specific questions. Find out more here or email

How do I cancel my Premium/Corporate subscription?

All subscription terms are for 12 months and are non-refundable. Your subscription will be automatically renewed on your renewal date (12 months after your initial sign up). If you do not wish to renew your subscription at the end of the initial 12 month period, then you can cancel by either clicking the 'Cancel Subscription' button in the 'Subscription' tab within the 'My Account' section, or simply email us at You need to notify of us this cancellation at least 5 business days before the annual renewal date of your subscription.