Explore the Shared Services and Outsourcing landscape across the Asia Pacific region with these interactive Visual Analytics Workbooks. Filter by industry, function, process, city and state to find the answers to your APAC SS&O location questions. 

Looking forward to 2020: Digitalised GBS & automation driving the future of Asian Shared Services
Close to 100 Asian shared services professionals participated in the live polling onsite at the 22nd Asian Shared Services & Outsourcing Week held on 19-20 November 2019 in Singapore. Flip through this interactive report to find out the latest Asian shared services insights.
Published December 2019
Climbing up the value chain: 4 key enablers for Malaysia Shared Services in 2020
This interactive report examines the four crucial areas for Malaysia Shared Services to successfully climb up the value chain, enhance its competitive advantage, and retain its place as one of the most attractive Shared Services locations.
Published December 2019
Philippines Shared Services 2019: Moving up the value-chain by leveraging COEs, process mining, data analytics & benchmarking
Close to 100 shared services professionals participated in the live polling conducted during the 10th Philippines Shared Services & Outsourcing Week held on 13-16 August 2019 in Makati, Philippines. Flip through this interactive report to discover the latest Philippines Shared Services trends...
Published September 2019
Ascending the value chain - Asia-Pacific's SSCs and BPOs need to forge ahead with agility and technology
This visual analytics report will look at how Shared Services and Outsourcing professionals in the Asia-Pacific can capture higher value with agility and technology. It will feature insights from Shared Services professionals about how Asia can maintain its competitive edge and look at challenges...
Published July 2019
Shared Services in China on the cusp of achieving digitally-enabled Shared Services, but challenges remain
This report will cover digitalization in China's Shared Services Centers (SSCs) from two lens - common difficulties in IA/RPA projects and data readiness for automation. It will also compare key performance metrics between China and the U.S.
Published May 2019
Malaysian SSCs poised to offer better customer experience and capture higher value with Intelligent Automation (IA)
This report will look through results from live audience polling sessions conducted with nearly 70 shared services professionals at the 7th Malaysian Shared Services & Outsourcing Week, held in Kuala Lumpur from 22nd - 24th April 2019.
Published May 2019
GBS aspirations, navigating talent and tax woes at the top of the agenda for Shared Services Centers in the Philippines
This report will highlight themes in the Philippines Shared Services landscape such as an interest in Global Business Services (GBS), talent management and cost constraints arising from the latest tax reforms. It will list certain factors that firms should look out for when implementing a GBS and...
Published March 2019
Harnessing talent and data to power the future of Shared Service Centres (SSCs) in China
This report aims to provide a snapshot on existing skills deficits in Chinese Shared Service Centres (SSCs) and offer tips on how SSCs can bridge these skills gaps. Finally, it will illustrate the broad applicability of data analytics across the enterprise and trace a roadmap on how SSCs can enha...
Published February 2019