Insights: EMEA

Explore the Shared Services and Outsourcing landscape across Europe with these interactive Visual Analytics Workbooks. Filter by industry, function, process, city and state to find the answers to your European SS&O location questions. 

Shared Services in Europe 2019: Scope expansion with fewer centres, outsourcing still relevant, searching for innovative talent, and assessing readiness for new IA tools?
This interactive report explores the latest trends on sourcing model, intelligent automation (IA), digital workforce and talent management across Europe's Shared Services landscape.
Published January 2019
Digital Innovation & Business Transformation in the Nordic Region 2018
SSON Analytics has blended proprietary and public data on the Nordic region to explore the key themes of the upcoming Nordic Business Transformation 2018. Flip through the pages to find out more on business transformation and digital innovation in the Nordic Business Services landscape.
Published August 2018
Germany vs Europe: Key Measures of Success, GBS Strategies, Digital Disruption
SSON Analytics has blended survey results with proprietary data to analyse how German Shared Services Organisations (SSOs) match up to other European SSOs on a number of key trending topics such as automation journey and GBS strategies.
Published August 2018
Evolution of Workforce and Technology in European Shared Services Centres 2018
This report delves into European shared services strategies on digital workforce, knowledge services, and new talent management priorities based on SSON's 2018 market survey.
Published July 2018
Shared Services in Europe 2018: Millennial Talent, Digital Disruption & Customer Experience
SSON Analytics has surveyed leaders of European Shared Services Organisations to dive into the key themes of the upcoming European Shared Services & Outsourcing Week 2018.
Published February 2018
Shared Services in the Middle East: 2018 Trends & Cost Comparisons
This report dives into the Middle East region to map out all shared services centres (SSCs) in our database and give a snapshot of who they are. It also compares overhead operations costs across the Top 5 SSC cities and Top 5 emerging cities.
Published January 2018
Analysis of the DACH Shared Services Landscape 2017
This report analyses the 222 shared services centers (SSCs) identified across Germany, Austria and Switzerland (DACH).
Published August 2017
Evaluating Shared Services Centre Locations in Middle East & North Africa (2017)
This 2017 report on the Middle East and North Africa shared services landscape analyzes 190 captive/hybrid shared services centers (SSCs) in the region; an 8% increase in the number of SSCs 6 months ago.
Published August 2017