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Explore the SSO landscape of the Americas with interactive Visual Analytics Workbooks. Filter many facets to find the answers to your SS&O location questions.

Intelligent Automation in Canada 2018
This visual analytics report deep-dives into the Intelligent Automation (IA) landscape in Canada to give you a snapshot of what shared serivces organisations (SSOs) are doing with regards to IA.
Published April 2018
Starting on Your IA Journey: What You Should Know
This visual analytics report blends data from SSON Analytics' most recent surveys and Global Intelligent Automation Market Reports to answer 6 key questions that would be useful when embarking on your Intelligent Automation (IA) journey.
Published April 2018
Intelligent Automation in the Nordics 2018
This report offers a snapshot of the Intelligent Automation (IA) landscape in the Nordics region. Which companies are adopting IA? Which IA software vendors & consultancies have customer footprint in the Nordics? What IA strategies are in place for SSOs in Western Europe & the Nordics?
Published February 2018
Intelligent Automation Universe Q4 2017 Market Update: Cognitive Capabilities, Provider Sales Channel & IA Consultancies
Which vendors offer cognitive capabilities and what are they? What are the 4th quarter trends in provider sales channels? What areas of expertise do IA consultancies have? This interactive report presents key data insights from our data tool, the Intelligent Automation Universe (IAU).
Published December 2017
Blockchain in Shared Services: Best Suited Tasks, Vendors and Case Studies
Blockchain is the novel business-to-business transaction network that is promising to fuel the next step-change in the digital revolution. This report tells you all you need to know about why and how blockchain is relevant to the shared services industry
Published December 2017
Analysis of Intelligent Automation Adoption in Manufacturing Shared Services Organisations
This report gives an analysis of Intelligent Automation (IA) adoption in 21 shared services organisations (SSOs) from the Consumer Package Goods (CPG) Manufacturing and Industrial Manufacturing industries.
Published October 2017
Intelligent Automation Universe – Q3 2017 Market Update
What tasks are being automated using IA? What's making IA implementations fail in reality? Who is adopting IA and where is it happening? This interactive report presents key data insights from our data tool, the Intelligent Automation Universe.
Published October 2017
Intelligent Automation Adoption in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) Business Services 2017
This report provides an overview of intelligent automation (IA) adoption based on 61 recorded cases of IA pilots and implementations in Central Eastern Europe (CEE).
Published October 2017