Scaling Intelligent Automation (IA) initiatives can be an exciting time for businesses but it will also present various challenges.

Leveraging a Center of Excellence (COE) for automation can help companies overcome the operational painpoints encountered when implementing and scaling IA. 

A COE lays the foundation for building and supporting bots and establishes metrics and reporting standards. When established early in the automation journey, it enables companies to deploy more bots in a shorter time.

What are the 4 critical building blocks for establishing a successful COE? 

Source: 1. The Great RPA COE Challenge, SSON (2019), 2. A Guide to Building an Impactful RPA Center of Excellence, Kryon (2017), 3. Building A Center Of Expertise To Support Robotic Automation, Forrester (2014)

Note: Find out more about IA adoption in the current Shared Services landscape, stall points in scaling up and key ingredients in establishing a Center Of Excellence (COE) in SSON Analytics' new viusal analytics report: Getting from good to great: The next frontier in Intelligent Automation

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