Data is helping to drive better customer service


Talent – i.e., your people – represent the single most critical differentiator for Shared Services success and performance. 


According to the latest Visual Analytics Workbook from SSON Analytics, the future points to Shared Services rethinking their recruiting strategy to be better prepared to support customers in their requirements. SSOs are focused on hiring staff with skills relevant to new and emerging technologies. In fact, nearly 85% of respondents to a recent World Economic Forum "Future of Jobs" survey indicate it is likely that they’ll follow this strategy to ensure their competitive sustainability.


At the same time, more than 80% are looking to automate work.


It’s a trend pervading business services as these remain focused on leveraging continuous improvement and customer service to stay ahead. With automation making tremendous inroads  – according to SSON Analytics, 1/3 of SSOs are already implementing RPA with 44% testing or planning to implement soon – the challenge to Shared Services leaders today is how to adequately prepare their staff for the hybrid workforce that represents the modern workplace.


The ratio of human to machine working hours is projected to drop significantly, In administration services, for example, from 72% to 28% in 2018, to 56% to 44% in 2022, according to the World Economic Forum. This time saving will translate into new value-added services. Future value will be driven by data analytics and services that are more specifically targeted to customers’ evolving needs. Evolving automation in the shape of cognitive and AI-driven solutions, will make it even easier to provide customers with the services needed to drive success.


The greatest barrier, however, is represented by cultural and behavioral factors. The lack of understanding of current digital trends is feeding fear and resistance, and current gaps in talent are highlighting the perceived threats of automation as opposed to its benefits.


Find out more about winning workforce strategies in the new SSON Analytics VAW: Shared Services in North America 2019: Workforce Strategies, GBS Objectives, Key Measures of Success









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