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Evaluating Risk in Asia Pacific Shared Services Hotspots
- Posted by Kate Chan on December 20, 2016

What can you expect to discover about APAC shared services locations in our risks report? This post touches on the key findings.

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The top 20 most admired shared services organisations worldwide of 2017
- Posted by Kate Chan on December 16, 2016

SSON Analytics is launching a benchmarking study with 20 of the world's most established and innovative shared services organisations – find out who they are in this post.

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Where Are Most Shared Services Jobs Being Advertised in Europe?
- Posted by Kate Chan on December 14, 2016

An introduction to SSON Analytics' European Shared Services Job Market report. What are some findings?

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Natural Disaster Risk Analysis of U.S. Shared Services Hotspots
- Posted by Kate Chan on December 8, 2016

What are the factors to consider when choosing a shared services location in the U.S.? Read more about the findings from our research on natural risks in the U.S.' shared services hotspots.

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Why is Vodafone Posting so many SSO Jobs in APAC?
- Posted by Kate Chan on December 1, 2016

What's happening in the APAC shared services job market? We take a look at some trends occurring in the month of November.

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Infographic: Shared Services Talent Analysis of Malaysia and the Philippines
- Posted by Kate Chan on November 25, 2016

Based on our report 'Benchmarking and Talent Analysis of ASEAN Shared Services Centres', this infographic focuses on the top 2 SSC locations in the region – Malaysia and the Philippines.

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Where Do SSC Opportunities Fall?
- Posted by Kate Chan on November 15, 2016

How is the US shared services jobs market doing now? Find out how opportunities compare across different sectors and cities.

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What Do the Number of Job Ads Tell You About the Local Shared Services Market?
- Posted by Kate Chan on November 14, 2016

Compare shared services markets around the world with the City Cube. Here, a comparison of Warsaw and Budapest is done to see how their jobs markets stack up.

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